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Wine is a complex topic that is intermingled with history, culture, agriculture, geology and genetics. So how can you learn more about wine without getting bogged down by details?
Knowing that Italy, France and Spain are the top three wine producing countries in the world tells you three things. For one, they probably produce the majority of bulk wine in the world. Two, they also produce some of the best wine in the world. And three, France, Italy and Spain are the source of all of the most popular varieties of wine in the world.
In the wine world we call this trait fruit forward. How is it that a completely dry (ie no residual sugar) wine can taste sweeter than other wines? There are a few factors that go into this phenomenon including grape variety, region and oak aging. For instance, if you have a Malbec from France compared to a Malbec from Argentina, the latter tastes sweeter. The region where the grapes grow greatly affects the flavor.


The oldest Czech wine region

In our territory, the main production of wine is concentrated in the area of South and Southeast Moravia. This Moravian tradition, which was founded at the beginning of the colonization by the Romans, dates back to the Great Moravian Empire. The greatest boom of the winery dates to the 17th century. At the end of the 20th century, new technologies and new generations of winemakers appeared, bringing new traditions to the sector. Číst více »

Do you know what the shelf life of wine is?

shelf life of wine

Ordinary food has a mandatory expiration date on their labels, the date by which they must be consumed. It is even mentioned on bottled beer. The exception is wine, which is also not common food. On the labels of wine bottles you will find information about the place and time of production, its composition and properties, but you would look for the expiration time in vain. If you are wondering why this is the case, read some of the information here. Číst více »

About wine

About wine

Wine is a noble alcoholic beverage that have been appreciated in ancient Egypt. Now it makes happy people all over the world and even in the Czech Republic it has its important place. It owes its name to the grapevine, because it is produced by its fermentation, or more precisely, by the fermentation of must from grapevine fruit. Číst více »

Wine and cheese – learn how to combine them

Wine and cheese

Our ancestors already knew that wine and cheese belonged together and that is why cheese factories were established in the wine-growing areas. The French and Italians are pioneers and great experts in this combination. However, they are not left behind either in Spain or Greece and in recent years also in Slovakia. Achieving the best taste harmony is sometimes science and even trained sommeliers devote themselves to this field. Číst více »

Cock in red wine

Cock in red wine

This spicy dish is a traditional hit of French cuisine. After all, the French have a cock in their national emblem. You do not have to go to France to enjoy the cock in red wine. You can prepare this meal yourself at home. You will be ready in less than an hour, then it is best to let the meat marinate one day or at least overnight. Stewing of meat itself depends on which recipe you choose. Číst více »

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