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Wine and cheese – learn how to combine them
Wine and cheese

Wine and cheese – learn how to combine them

Our ancestors already knew that wine and cheese belonged together and that is why cheese factories were established in the wine-growing areas. The French and Italians are pioneers and great experts in this combination. However, they are not left behind either in Spain or Greece and in recent years also in Slovakia. Achieving the best taste harmony is sometimes science and even trained sommeliers devote themselves to this field.

Good advice for laymen what wine with cheese

You can also enjoy an interesting combination of wine and cheese in your home. There are no universal strict rules according to which wine and cheeses suitable for it should be selected. However, several proven recommendations can be followed to help you achieve the optimum combination of wine and cheese. Above all, stick to the principles of regionality and buy both wine and cheese from one area. Universal advice is also not possible because every person has different taste. What can mean a supreme gourmet experience for someone may not be enough for others. There are different recommendations that can be confusing, so it is up to everyone to try out different variations and choose according to their taste. After all, some good principles for choosing the most delicious combinations of cheese and wine can be recommended:

  • distinctive wine also includes distinctive cheese, and vice versa
  • by their very nature, cheeses need wine with a full bouquet. No matter the colour of the wine, which is not important
  • of course, quality wine requires quality cheese and vice versa
  • the perfect taste of the cheese also includes fruits, especially melons, strawberries, figs, mangoes, olives, grape balls, papaya or nuts
  • they are usually combined with white wines. In the past, cheeses were also consumed with red wines, which was still at a time when the red wines did not contain tannins. At present, however, tannic wine and cheese do not attract, as both tones disappear and tastes are suppressed
  • in some cases, a combination of cheese and wine is not appropriate. This is true for very distinctive and spicy cheeses that are better suited to beer. These include, for example, cheeses ripening below freezing, which means curd cheese, romadur or classic beer cheeses.

Some tips for cheese-wine combination

There are many combinations and many types of wine and cheese as well. For example, a combination of semi-hard cheese with dry white wine and medium-heavy or medium full red wine is recommended. Smoked cheese sits with full red wines, Parmesan likes fruit wine or fresh white, cheeses with white mold require white dry, processed cheese can be combined with light dry wines, etc.

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